Submit an article online

Getting Started

  • Visit and log in with your username and
    password which you can receive from the editor ( )
  • Select your role as ‘Author’:

Select your role as authorImage
1 – Select your role as author

Active submissions screen

Once you selected your role as author you will be taken to the
“Active submissions” screen

Active submissions screen

Image 2 – Active submissions screen

Click link at the bottom of Active submissions screen
to start the


Start the submission process by selecting the “Click here” link

the bottom of the page located under the “Start a New


Start new submission link

Image 3 – Select “Click here” to start the



The 5 submission steps – Overview


The 5 steps are as follows :

1. Start submission ( choosing section, submission checklist,

copyright notice, comment to editor )

2. Upload submission  ( uploading DOC format of manuscript)

3. Enter metadata ( details of corresponding author and

title and abstract, supporting agencies )

4. Upload supplementary files

5. Confirmation ( Last opportunity to check if all information

correct and see file summary )

Steps overview

Image 4 – 5 steps – overview

Step 1 – Start

Step 1 includes the following tasks:

  1. Select Journal section
  2. Complete the submission checklist
  3. Read through our copyright notice
  4. Send a comment to the editor

Step 1.1 Select Journal Section

Select “Articles” from the drop down menu – if

are submitting

anything other than an article ( scientific letter, book review


editorial ) please submit it to

Select "Articles" from drop-down menu

Image 5 – select journal section from the drop-down



Step 1.2 Complete Submission



Please confirm that each item in the Submission
Checklist has

been attended to and check each box:


Submission checklist



Image 6 – Tick all boxes once you have confirmed
that all points

have been attended to



Step 1.3 Read through our
copyright notice

Make sure that you have read and understood the contents of the

copyright notice and tick the box next to it.

Copyright Notice

Image 7 – Remember to tick the box to confirm that

have read the notice

Step 1.4 Comments to editor


Optionally, you may add any comments you
wish to send to the

editor :

( Once you are sure that all step 1 sections are completed –

the “Save and continue” button to go on to Step

Notice to editor



Image 8 – comments to the editor

Step 2 – Upload submission

1. Click Browse to open a Choose File window for locating the

on the hard drive of your computer or on your memory stick.

2. Locate the file you wish to submit and highlight it. Please

sure that the paper does not contain your name or the abstract.

it should have the title and the body of the paper including the

reference list.

3. Click Open on the Choose File window, which places the name

the file on this page.

4. Click Upload on this page, which uploads the file from the


or memory stick to the journal’s web site and renames it


journal’s conventions.

5. Once the submission is uploaded, click “Save and continue”.

Please insure that you upload the article at this step

your article cannot be reviewed and the process would have to be

restarted all over again.

Uploading your submission

Image 9 – Upload submission


Step 3 – Enter metadata

Step 3 includes the following tasks:

  1. Enter authors’ details ( corresponding author and co-authors
  2. Add title and abstract
  3. Add supporting agencies

Step 3.1 Complete the author details. All fields marked with an

asterisk are

required. If there are multiple authors, use the “Add Author”


bring up additional fields:

Use the Bio statement block to provide all your qualifications

BSc OT (Wits), MSc OT (Wits) PhD (UCT). Also use this block to

information about your place of work eg Senior lecturer,

of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, University

Pretoria. Do this for all the authors. You may use your email

address for the additional authors.

Enter author details

Image 10 – Add authors and co-authors’ details

Metadata - adding principal contact

Image 11 – Specify principal contact / Reorder





Step 3.2 Title and Abstract



Type in the title of the paper in the window provided.

Copy the abstract and paste it into the Abstract block ( see

button at the base of the Abstract block )

Metadata - Adding title and abstract

Image 12 – Adding title and abstract


Step 3.3 Enter supporting agency

Enter the names of any supporting agencies:

Metadata - Supporting agency

Image 13 – Adding title and abstract

Step 4 – Uploading supplementary files (optional)

You may use this section to upload any tables that have not

included in the body of the paper. Photographs may also be

here. However this step is optional. Supplementary files can be

uploaded in any file format and will be made available to
readers in

their original format.

Locate the file you wish to submit and highlight it.

Click Open on the Choose File window, which places the name of

file on this page.

Click Upload on this page, which uploads the file from the

to the journal’s web site and renames it following the journal’s


Once the submission is uploaded, click “Save and continue”.

will take you to the next page ie Step 4a where you should

the heading for the file uploaded. You do not need to complete

other blocks but do remember to click “save and continue”.

You must repeat all the steps above for each table or

Upload supplementary files

Image 14 – Uploading supplementary files

Adding supplementary file information



Image 15 – Entering supplementary file


Step 5 – Confirming your submission

With the previous four steps of the submission process

click “Finish Submission” to submit your manuscript. Please be

that you have attached and completed each section of the

before you click the “Finish Submission” as once you have done

you will no longer be able to modify the submission or attach

other files.

You will receive an acknowledgement by email that the article

been submitted and will be able to view your submission’s

through the editorial process by logging in to the journal

Confirm submission

Image 16 – Confirming the submission


Responding to Reviews

Active submissions page

Each time you log in, you will be presented with a list of all


outstanding submissions, including their status.

Articles may be listed as awaiting assignment to an editor,


editing, etc. Clicking on the article title link or the status

will provide further details.

Active submissions page

Image 17 – Whenever you log in you are taken to your

“Active submissions” page

Responding to Reviews

Log in to your account and click on the linked title of your


From the ‘Summary’ page, you will be able to review the fields


entered at the time of submission.

Summary page

Image 18 – Summary page


Go to the “Review” section:

Review page

Image 19 – Review page

The review page will provide you with useful info about the

review process – and you will be able to upload a new version

your article when necessary.

From here you can read the reviewer’s version and the editor’s


Read or submit comments using the “Editor/Author” icon. Use the

upload tool to submit any changes for your article.